Adult Dance: This is a dance class designed to allow former dancers a chance to put on their dancing shoes and have fun while exercising, and allows non dancers a chance to learn a format while exercising. Please note, this class is mainly for fitness purposes, and is designed to be a fun and relaxed environment, however we will be learning the basics of ballet, tap and jazz.

Burn:  Burn is the all new fitness class designed to strengthen your muscles, tone your body, and torch calories.  The class incorporates both cardiovascular work and resistance training using tubing, hand weights, and your own body weight to burn calories and set your muscles on fire.  Are you ready to feel the burn?

Core-eography:  Takes traditional Pilates exercises and sets them to popular music for a fun workout.  Designed to target your core muscles (abs, back, upper legs, and glutes).  A great workout for all levels.

Relaxation Yoga:
  Tuesday and Thursday Yoga at 1 pm has a broader focus – Hatha Yoga taught to increase mobility, limbering, inner awareness, and produce a more calm and relaxed state. The class prepares our bodies for meditation. Great for beginners, those who are aging or simply have been neglecting their exercise, those who want a stretching challenge for a new addition to their exercise program.
This is not an aerobic experience

Yoga: This class is designed to stretch the body and relax the mind with a focus given to flowing from one posture to the next.  The instructor will guide the student through different asanas or combinations of moves throughout the class.

Zumba® Gold: Zumba® for beginners, the elderly, and the deconditioned (those with injuries or other physical limitations).  This class differs from traditional Zumba in that there is no jumping or quick turns, making it safe for anyone at any age or ability level. 
A great workout regardless of experience and physical condition!

 Zumba Fitness®:  A dance fitness party that incorporates Latin and international rhythms. 
Cardiovascular workout that also provides benefits to all other areas of the body

Zumba®/Zumba Toning®: This class runs for an hour total, the first 40 minutes is Zumba® Fitness (cardio based dance fitness workout)
and the last 20 is Zumba Toning® (dance fitness workout with the addition of light handweights

Zumba Kids®
: Zumba® Fitness for children. Promotes activity in our youth, helping to decrease the rising obesity rate while the child has fun and works on teambuilding skills.  
This class is open to all children, but will be focused on children who have special needs and will be designed to work at their specific ability level

*Scholarships are available for children who qualify.  For more information please contact Samantha Helton*