Zumba® Speciality Programs

Zumba® in the Circuit is a collaborative program featuring the Zumba Fitness® program and traditional weights/ fitness exercises to provide both cardiovascular and strength training in one 30 minute class.  The class features a circuit approach to fitness by having participants do weighted exercises for one minute, then by having them follow the Zumba Fitness® instructor for one minute.  This unique training method is designed to maximize efficiency while decreasing time, allowing for a full workout in a quick 30 minute class.   This sample video features the Curves Circuit version of this class format, which is similar to what will be taught at A Time To... (no machines used at our studio)

Zumbatomic® is a Zumba® class designed especially for children ages 4-12.  It incorporates the Zumba Fitness® structure with games and skill development allowing children to both explore movement and work as a team.  The program promotes healthy activities and physical fitness via the dancing portion of the class, performance and confidence building during the presentation segment, team building and cooperation during the games section, and learning and development during the educational history section, thus working to create a well rounded child. 

Zumba Gold® is a Zumba Fitness® program designed for older active adults and beginners to the Zumba Fitness® program.  This class provides both fitness and fun into one class, but moves at a slightly slower pace, allowing participants to follow the movements and maximize the workout.  This class is excellent for a beginner who feels intimidated by the traditional Zumba class, providing a stepping stone into a more advanced workout, or for the active older adult who simply wants to jump into a class and have a blast. 

Zumba® Toning combines the traditional Zumba Fitness® class with area specific sculpting exercises using lightweight 'Toning Sticks' which feature a fun maraca sound.  This class provides body toning, the Zumba® workout, and the exciting Zumba Fitness® fun environment in one calorie burning class!  (coming in September 2011 to The Gym, Albany, Georgia)